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How to Be Productive in Your Personal Life

How to Be Productive in Your Personal Life

If you’re a business owner or employee, then you probably had many moments when you thought about improving your productivity. However, have you ever thought about how to be productive in your personal life?

Probably not!

While many of us think about productivity in our professional life when it comes to our personal life…the struggle is real.

Parents get overwhelm trying to juggle the soccer classes and piano classes of their kids.

The 20-somethings get stressed trying to fit all our social activities in a week to not make any friend feel left out.

The entrepreneur-by-day is hoping to do as all the household in one day so she can still have at least a few hours on Sunday to relax.

We’re all as busy in our personal life as we are in our personal life, which is why we should start approaching productivity in our personal life as we do in our professional life.

These 3 steps will guide you in learning how to be productive in your personal life.

Step 1: Assess Your Time

If you think that we’re only people-pleasers in our professional life, think again.

I can assure that you share more ‘yeses’ in your personal life then you do at work.

Boundaries are hard to set when the person you’re saying no to is near and dear to your heart.

However, if you want to learn how to be productive in your personal life, you must assess how you're spending your time.

Specifically, how many of your ‘yeses’ are leading to undesired commitments.

Step 2: Organize & Plan

One mistake we often make in our personal life is that we don’t organize our life and we don’t plan our tasks.

You should always prioritize your tasks and appointments because, even in your personal life, time is still limited.

  1. Start by setting your personal goals and the WHY for the quarter in your Wilkii Planner, so that every decision you make and every step you take leads you to your goal and WHY.
  2. Plan you cleaning chores by the moment they have to be done, whether that is monthly or seasonally.
  3. Write down important dates (way in advance) in your planner like doctor’s appointment, bill payments, or when important documents. expire.
  4. Spend 15-30 minutes before the start of each week to review your past week, set your priorities, and schedule your days

Step 3: Focus

When it comes to our personal life we are less strict with our time and we allow ourselves to get distracted without thinking of the consequences.

If you want to learn how to be productive in your personal life, then you need to be aware of how your focusing.

Many chores don’t require our full focus and they aren’t our favorite thing to do either, so we start multitasking.

What should have taken us just 30 minutes now takes us 5 hours.

Approach your personal tasks with the same attitude that you would approach your work tasks.

Make them as important and put in the same amount of focus.

The more you focus, the quicker you’ll be done.

Implement these 3 simple steps and you’ll immediately experience an increase in productivity in your personal life. This free up time that you can spend with your family and/or enjoying a well-deserved me-time.




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