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Our Story

Inspired by my own life struggles with ADHD, I was determined to find a path toward productivity. As a business owner, full-time graduate student, and social butterfly, finding balance seemed next to impossible. I knew that despite my adult ADHD, I needed to master my executive function skills in order to stop working 3x as hard to generate results.  

Although Adderall worked as a temporary solution, I wanted to develop a long-term system of productivity. After trying countless planners, I realized that none were designed for my ADHD-affected mind. That’s why I developed my OWN planner, custom-tailored to the structural and organizational needs of someone with ADHD. As a result, my productivity and goal accomplishment abilities skyrocketed.  

Soon after, my friends and colleagues were interested in a planner of their own. Also affected by ADHD, they needed a simple yet effective layout to plan their day. To answer their calls, I created the Wilkii Planner: the only planner designed specifically to help people with ADHD streamline productivity, achieve results, and thrive in day-to-day life. You have my personal guarantee that this planner CAN and WILL change your life. 

 Of note, although the Wilkii Planner provides the tools you need to succeed, the work truly begins with you!  

--Tatiana A. G. Smith