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Wilkii Planner

ADHD-Tailored Planner

Focus and consistency are within your reach. The Wilkii Planner helps you push beyond ADHD on the path to greater goal achievement.


Balance Your Life. Redefine Possible. 

Made for ADHD
Created by and for adults affected by ADHD, the Wilkii Planner offers previously unachievable concentration and focus. 

13 Week System
Using a manageable 13-week system, you can break overwhelming multi-month goals into achievable milestones. 

Community Connection
Accelerate your achievements with our loyalty program, complimentary webinars, and support tools. 

Environmentally Friendly
Crafted with 256 pages of recycled paper, sustainably sourced leather, and natural ribbon markers, each planner is 100% eco-friendly. 

Wilkii Planner®

You don’t need to face procrastination, hyperactivity, and disorganization alone. The Wilkii Planner supports your personal and professional goals with actionable benchmarks that lead to year-round productivity.

Discover how countless others with ADHD have turned their condition into a source of strength.

Each Wilkii Planner includes:

Our proven 13-week system, designed for ADHD thought processes

A measurable daily and weekly scoring system to stay on track

Daily, weekly, and monthly review pages for accountability

Blank bulleted spaces for your unstructured free time

Opportunity for community access, webinars, support tools, and more.

Amount 1planner- 4months

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The Wilkii Planner Advantage

Heres Whats Inside
Weekly Outlines
Plan for success on a weekly basis, predicting and overcoming challenges before they become roadblocks. Each week, use the legend and grid system to block out your time. This page was designed for the ADHD type to increase visualization and guided imagery related to their weekly schedule. 
Daily Pages
Organize each day for more accomplishments, fewer distractions, and greater clarity. Our signature layout is designed for the ADHD type with our three-step approach creating daily balance: It simplifies the day, prevents hyper-focusing, and utilizes the ADHD superpowers. 
Nightly Reflection
Look back on your daily triumphs to stay motivated on the path to improvement and score your day. This nightly ritual is a mindfulness practice. Studies have shown mindfulness improves ADHD symptoms. 
Weekly Review & Next Week Setup 
Establish newfound clarity for the upcoming week by reviewing last week's challenges and accomplishments. Studies have shown that ADHD adults who do weekly reviews improve their symptoms and see greater outcomes in their goals.  

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