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Wilkii Coaching

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​​Coaching is a partnership between you and a professional coach whereby you work together on identifying a desired result you want to achieve and creating mindset, behavior and actions to arrive at that result.

Every session includes setting a desired outcome for the week as well as an action item you would like to complete and a measure of accountability around it. Expect your coach to ask you a lot of questions and support you in finding solutions that are unique to you. 

​​Coaching is a safe space for you to express yourself fully. There is no judgment or criticism in coaching. Your coach will guide you by asking you questions and listening to you carefully in order to help you find your own answers. Your coach is there to motivate, encourage and support you. 

We respect your decisions. The coaching partnership or package can be terminated at any moment by giving a 48-hour notice. Any pre-paid sessions will be reimbursed fully. If there is something in particular you would like to change about the coaching process, we encourage you to provide feedback to the coach to see if it can be resolved.

Every Wilkii Planner comes with a 20-minute "Get Started" Session to help you eliminate confusion and get started with ease.


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