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The ADHD Planner Made For Success

Get started by booking a FREE Get Started Session with your Wilkii Guide and downloading or watching the how-to guide video. 

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How To Get Started With Wilkii

Say Hello To Your Wilkii Guide

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Meet Your Wilkii Guide 

Hi there! I’m Toki and I’m here to set you up for success with the Wilkii Planner. I’ll help you make the best use of the planner with your specific goals and projects in mind and coach you through a few tools to achieve those goals.

Let's Plan Your First Week Together

We understand that jumping into a new planner can be a bit overwhelming. With your "Get Started" session, we'll walk you through the basics so you can get started with ease. 

Learn easy, time tested strategies

Having ADHD can feel like riding a rollercoaster—there are ups and downs, but with the right strategies, you can get through just fine. We'll talk about a few of them during your "Get Started" session. 


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By completing the form below, we'll be able to personalize your "Get Started" experience and guide you through getting started with your WIlkii ADHD Planner.
Book A Guide Call
Your Wilkii Guide will help you get started with your planner and share ADHD tips and tricks to help you crush your goals through a FREE 20-minute 1:1 video or audio session.
It takes time to learn how to create a balanced life with ADHD. Accountability and check-ins are key in your journey. We're always here to support you. Just send us a text or give us a call.

Most Asked Questions

  1. How long is a "Get Started" session?
     Wilkii's Free "Get Started" session lasts 20-25 minutes.
  2. What is a Wilkii Guide?
    Our Wilkii Guide is an ICF-certified coach who has mastered our planner system. Our coaches have a deep knowledge of ADHD and expertise in the themes of positive psychology, work/life balance, and much more. Our coaches also receive regular training as required by ICF. 
  3. I loved my "Get Started" session! Are weekly checkins available? 
    Yes, we do offer weekly check-ins. Wilkii members can book weekly sessions with a Wilkii Guide. These sessions can help you celebrate your progress, get accountability for your goals, and support as you work toward achieving your goals and improving your wellbeing.
  4. What do I need to have completed before a get started session?
    We recommend that you use the planner for a week, and then schedule your Get Started Session. That way, we'll be able to support you better.


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