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The ADHD Planner Made For Success

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Meet Your Wilkii Guide 

Hi. I’m Toki. I help people become happier and more connected to themselves and their lives by teaching them to meditate and find solutions to problems that are unique to them.

Let's Plan Your First Week Together

Our Get Started session is perfect for people who want to get started using their Wilkii Planner. We'll walk you through framework and help you set up your schedule and goals.

Gain Clarity Around Your Goals

This session is tailored to your individual needs and goals. We'll discuss what's keeping you from achieving success, and provide you with insight, support, and accountability that will empower you to stay on track.

Learn easy, time tested strategies

Life with ADHD can feel like a rollercoaster ride without any support. It is super important to find strategies that work for you as an individual. During this call we will go over some new strategies that might help you to improve your life.  

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By taking the Quiz below, we'll be able to personalize your Get Started experience and guide you through getting started with your WIlkii ADHD Planner.
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Our Wilkii Pro would love to help you get started with your planner and share ADHD tips and tricks to help you crush your goals through a complimentary 20-minute 1:1 video session.
It takes time to learn how to create a balanced life with ADHD. Accountability and check-ins are key in your journey. If you need additional support, we're here for you with just one text or click away.