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The ADHD Planner Made For Success

A planner designed for adults with ADHD who want to gain a better sense of their day and improve thier wellbeing. 


50 five stars reviews and counting


Balance Your Life. 
Redefine Possible. 

  • Made For You

    Wilkii ADHD Planner is based on the principles of positive psychology and helps you identify your strengths, manage your time and attention, practice mindfulness and live a balanced life.
  • Our ADHD Productivity System

    Finally, stop procrastinating, get organized, and kill the distractions. Contained within each Wilkii Planner are ADHD-tested outlines and systems that are designed to make a difference. As a result, you can build enduring habits while making strides toward lifelong achievements
  • Community Connection & Support

    Every purchase includes a 20-minute starter session with one of our ICF-certified coach to help you start using the long term goal planner without feeling overwhelmed. Plus join our ADHD community for added support.


Our customers love it


Cannot live without this. Wilkii has helped me so much to reduce my anxiety and get grounded in my life. I'm an entrepreneur with ADHD and I find that with my medication and the planner I have developed a solid system. I feel fully optimized.

Nila P

Wilkii Customer

This planner has been a lifesaver. I use it mainly at work, and its helped me to master my 9-5 life. I'm no longer over scheduling or feeling blank in my mind. I rule my day like never before. I also really appreciate that the planner is plain and appropriate for me to use at work and around my friends. Love my Wilkii ❤️

Francine M

Wilkii Customer

I don’t have ADHD, but this planner works great. Former bullet journal gal! With Wilkii I’m hooked on the daily page layout and scoring system. I've never used a planner that had a metric to see if my day was productive. For me, this is a winner!

Zoey K

Wilkii Customer

Take A Look Inside

Be The Hero Of Your Day! 

When you use your Wilkii Planner, you set your intention and take action steps towards your goals! 

Our most popular questions

What makes this an ADHD Planner?

Our signature 13-week planner provides a science-backed system for the ADHD type that allows for organization, structure, and balance while focusing on simplicity and practical small steps to start and maintain your daily schedule and goals.

Does the word "ADHD" appear on the cover of this planner?

No. Nowhere within or on the planner is the word "ADHD. We designed it this way to make sure its fully discrete. Our ADHD Planner is safe to use in a professional setting and around friends.

What are the specifications of the Wilkii Planner?

Size: A5 (5.8 x 8.3 in / 148 x 210 mm) 

Weight: 0.16lbs / 60g 100. 

Binding: 100 % lay-flat binding. 

Markers: 2 ribbon markers( Blue & Gray). 

Cover: Eco-Friendly Vegan leather with folder pocket. 

Paper: 100% recycled raper, 120 gsm, ink proof, white color. 

Pages: 258 undated pages (blank pages included)

Is additional support provided ? 

Purchasing a Wilkii Planner gives you FREE membership to our private community. Wilkii's Power Up Community is where we all come together to support and share our goals/accomplishments. We're the most productive online group with ADHD. We offer quarterly challenges plus live events, giveaways, and much more! 

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